Hybrid Massage Zero Gravity + Human

A "Hybrid Massage" is a way to enjoy the best of human and technology throughout a single massage experience.  Your time will split between hands of a therapist and our famous Zero Gravity Vegas Massage Chair. Read more about the Zero Gravity Massage here.

It can be 1 hour, Hour & Half or 2 hours. It's great for couples or individuals. 

When we developed the Zero Gravity Vegas Massage Chair concept, we didn't expect that it could possibly replace a human massage experience. We were wrong. In fact, our Las Vegas location is only these chairs and has a 5 star Yelp, Google and Facebook rating because of it.

Now, in Fishers, we believe the best solution is to not have to choose either one, but both! 

*INDIVIDUALS: book separate sessions back to back.
*COUPLES: pick one Therapist and choose "couples hybrid" as service type. (side by side in same private room)


Zero Gravity Massage Review

How it Works

Pick your favorite therapist for half of your time to work the areas the chair cannot: quads, hamstrings, scalp, etc.

And then...

Enjoy the Zero Gravity Massage as it is customized to your body to deliver consistent, high quality kneading from your neck to your butt. The quality of the simultaneous foot massages is so good that its the highest rated feature of the chair. The air compressions on your hips, forearms, hands, calves, shoulders will improve your circulation and feel great. NOTE: this is NOT a vibration, heavy shaking or beatdown chair massage. We can use so much padding that even children can love it.

Hybrid Couples Massage

We are blessed to have done more than 4,000 couples massages with the typical 2 therapist setup over the last 9 years. Yet, during that time we have turned down close to 1000 more couples during times we had just 1 open therapist at the preferred time. The Hybrid Couples Massage increases the chance of getting your preferred start time while decreasing the price significantly.

We put two of our Zero Gravity Vegas Massage Chairs in separate rooms with a massage table in each. Matched with the chair, your favorite therapist can now service BOTH you and your partner simultaneously. One of you gets the best massage on the planet from the Zero Gravity Vegas Massage Chair while the other gets the human touch massage you originally expected. Half way through the routine you swap positions allowing each to have received both styles of massage.

Couples Hybrid Rates

Hour Couples Hybrid = $130 (25min table + 25min zero gravity)
Hour & Half Couples Hybrid = $170 (40min table + 40min zero gravity)
2 Hour Couples Hybrid = $240 (50min table + 50min zero gravity)

Individual Hybrid Rates

Hour Hybrid = $65 (25min table + 30min zero gravity)
Hour & Half Hybrid = $85  (50min table + 30min zero gravity)
2 Hour Hybrid = $100 (50min table + 60min zero gravity)

The Famous Vegas Massage Chair