A good relaxation massage relieves stress and tension in your muscles and will leave you emerging with a new sense of well-being. This is achieved through the general benefits of massage. Relaxation massage improves your circulation, so your organs and skin get more oxygen. It moves fluid through your lymphatic system. Even if you don’t know what your lymphatic system does, it makes no difference. We do and it is good for you. A relaxation massage encourages your body to digest its food and get rid of its toxins. It will help you to sleep better and will also help un-knot any muscles, soothe aches and sprains and encourage the skin to heal minor abrasions.

It is a natural instinct to rub or cuddle someone to give them comfort. On the same note, it is a natural instinct for someone to need and desire this comfort. A relaxation massage takes this instinct and satisfies this very important basic human need.