Let's be clear we have zero interest in earning money for NOT performing your massage. The issue we face is that we need our clients to honor their commited time schedule so that it doesn't negatively impact our staff and other clients. When our staff is not in a massage, they are not earning income. So when someone books them, they are then unable to be booked by anyone else. Their income for that hour is now dependent upon the client fulfilling their requested time. When the client fails to arrive it is a loss for the therapist and any other client who may have wanted that slot had it been available.

It is at the discretion of Massage Fishers to charge a cancellation fee of $25 if a 24 hour notice is not provided prior to the start of any appointment. Failure to provide ANY NOTICE (NO CALL NO SHOW) The cancellation fee can be equal to the cost of service.

If you are using a prepaid deal of any type that deal may be redeemed in full to cover the loss for the spa and the designated therapist.

Let us be clear, if we can replace your time with someone else (which we absolutely will be trying with ernest to do) we will NEVER pass on fees for any cancellations regardless of the the reason or notice. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you book online you consent to receiving electronic communication from us regarding your reservation. We use text and/or emails sparingly, but appropriately to deliver the highest quality of service and communication.