rain dropsSitting here on a rainy cloudy morning and not a potential massage client in sight. I  have noticed that my slowest days are when it is cloudy and rainy. I just can't figure it out. You can't go golfing or out for a run, not much going on at the local bars, no real entertainment to speak of in the area to capture or even hold your attention. So why aren't you coming in and getting a massage? These are the perfect days to treat yourself. I have always heard that on rainy days people like to sleep in, relax, and listen to the rain. It is very soothing and comforting. So, what better place to have all this than a massage?

Perhaps you think you will melt if you go out in the rain. Know this,  it won't be the rain that will cause you to melt. It will be a relaxing massage! We'll melt away all your stress, tension, anxieties, and worries with our tranquil touch. So next time you hear thunder, see a flash of lightening or see rain drops start to fall, I hope it causes you think of us and are suddenly inclined to stop in, get a massage, and let all your stress wash away with the rain.