massage fishers team

We have served the Indianapolis and Fishers communities since 2010. Of our current staff, Christina and Erin first began serving people with us back in 2012. Brandi, Tameka and Kirsten have also been with us many years. Radka has been here more than a year. And our lone newbie, Janisha is thriving with her own 6 plus years of experience in Michigan. Our fierless leader Lynn keeps everything in perpetual motion ensuring a consistent and satisfactory experience for you, our customer.

Fall Special

Every fall we like to reset our customer back to a special rate as a token of our appreciation for allowing us to serve you.

  1. Effective September 27th, all past clients will be reset to $59.99 Hour Massage rate for your next massage IF it's within the next 2 weeks. 
  2. There's more :)  We will also be giving a free $15/15minute Vegas Massage Chair session with any purchase (one per person). 

Reach us at 317-721-9321 via call or text. 


Remember, you get a free $15/15 minute Massage in the famous Vegas massage Chair when you purchase a table massage.

vegas massage chair


As your office begins to plan for seasonal and holiday parties, remember Self Service Spa side of the business has the perfect setup for a group of 10 to 20 people. Your group can ejoy unlimited Vegas Massage Chair massages, Karaoke, TV's and any food or drink you want to bring. And all starts at just $30. More info at  

Did You Know?

We have low return rates year around? Return within 14 days and save $20 off each massage. Return within 15 to 31 days and save $10. No Memberships needed.

Also, we no longer have fees to request a therapist nor do we require deposits to book online. Aren't you glad you read the whole email? See you soon.